Our Maps

Standard Publications

With your immediate needs in mind, we have developed numerous commercial map products that are available through Kroll Map Company and our affiliate Metsker Maps of Seattle. We have four different map bases from which to choose the perfect amount of detail for your needs: Parcel Level, Street Level, Arterial Level, State and Regional Level. We also have […]

Custom Maps

We create completely custom maps to communicate your information to your audience. We make maps for books, reports, events, presentations, websites- you name it- and you own the copyright. Take a look at a few examples:

Kroll Historical Maps

The roots of the Kroll Map Company date back to the 1870s. Our vast and unique historical archive includes: Plat Maps/ Ownership Maps and Surveys/ Mining Claim Maps Historical Seattle Maps Historic Regional Maps Historic Alaska State Maps/ Alaska Cannery Maps  

Antique Map Print Collection

Kroll Map Company maintains and publishes an extensive collection of beautiful antique map reproductions. Each map in our Antique Map Collection has been selected for its originality, cartographic design and historical content. Please email or call us here at Kroll Map Company if you’re interested in our prints in a different size; we are happy to accommodate. All our historical maps in the Antique Map Collection […]