Kroll 1″=200′ Atlases

Kroll Atlases were published for areas in western King County, Southwest Snohomish, Olympia-Lacey, Bellingham, Tri-Cities, Wenatchee, Yakima, and Bremerton.

Kroll continues to provide copies of our historical plat books (and individual pages) in a number of different forms: 1″=200′ scale atlases, reduced 11″ x 17″ atlases, PDF documents, and geo-referenced images for use in GIS and CAD.  These atlas pages were retired in approximately 2004, and we have available various versions of these maps for some areas, dating back to 1912.

Kroll’s parcel-level atlas pages can be viewed in PDF format below. (The atlases may take a few moments to download.) To order prints, please call or email us for pricing.

Kroll 1″=200′ Atlases

Kroll Atlas of Seattle circa late 1940s to early 1960s

Kroll North End Atlas, 200 Series- circa 1940 to 1950

Kroll South End Atlas, 300 Series- circa 1940 to 1950

Kroll Eastside Atlas, 400 Series- circa 1940 to 1950

Kroll Sammamish Atlas, 500 Series- circa 1950s

Kroll SW Snohomish County Atlas, 100 Series- circa 1952 to 1955

We will be adding more historical content to our website in the near future. To purchase these maps, please call us during office hours.