Ownership Maps by Township

What’s a township map?

township map covers an area 6 by 6 miles (as specified by the Public Land Survey) and is defined by the township and range coordinates mapped out from established meridians and base lines.  These maps were generally drafted at a scale of 2″= 1 mile, and often displayed parcels of land down to 10 acres in size.  Numerous publishers, including Kroll, compiled such maps by county, assigning page numbers to each township and range.

Kroll has an archive of these township maps that includes numerous Washington State Counties. Contact us to order any of these pages; these atlases are available to view in PDF format below:

kroll township county atlases and indexes:

Clallam County – 1928   Clallam County Index 1928
Clark County – 1932   Clark County Township Atlas 1928
Cowlitz County – 1927   Cowlitz County Township Atlas – 1927
Grays Harbor County – 1928   Grays Harbor County Township Atlas – Kroll 1928
Jefferson County – 1928   Jefferson County Township Atlas Index Circa 1928
Island County – 1937   Island County Township Atlas – Kroll 1937
Kitsap County –1935      Kitsap Index 1926
Kittitas County – 1932   Kittitas County Township Atlas Page Index Circa 1932
King County – 1912, 1930, 1950, 1958, 1971   King County Township Atlas Index 1907
Lewis County – 1926   Lewis County Township Atlas – Kroll 1926
Mason County – 1927   Mason County Township Atlas – 1927
Pacific County – 1926/1937 *   Pacific County Township Atlas – Kroll 1926
Pierce County – 1928   Pierce County Township Atlas – Kroll 1929
San Juan County – 1932   San Juan County Township Atlas – Kroll 1932
Skagit County – 1928      Skagit County Township Atlas Page Index 1928
Skamania County – 1928      Skamania County Township Atlas Page Index 1928
Snohomish County – 1952, 1960   Snohomish County Township Atlas Page Index Circa 1940   /   Snohomish County Township Atlas Page Index Circa 1960
Thurston County – 1939   Thurston County Township Page Index 1929
Wahkiakum County – 1923   Wahkiakum County Township Atlas Index 1923
Whatcom County – 1934/1940/1947 *   Whatcom County Township Atlas Page Index 1956
Yakima County – 1956      Yakima County Township Atlas – Kroll circa 1950

* designates various dates of pages within the set, not complete sets with separate publication dates.


Surveyor General Township Maps

These are drafters’ copies of the maps that delineated the township breakdowns for Washington State.  Most maps are pre-1890, and are not available for the entire state.  Please contact us for availability.


Homestead Tract Maps

These depict original homestead claims, with numbers and often old geographic features.  Only available for certain areas in Washington State.  Please contact us for availability.