Parcel Level Mapping is our most ‘zoomed-in’ view showing addresses, buildings, and property lines. This level of mapping is often used by product delivery companies, police and fire departments, postal carriers, and residential and commercial real estate. Virtually any data associated with the assessor’s parcel number can be extracted and highlighted, which works seamlessly with our commercial zoning and zip code layers. The city of Seattle and surrounding areas are complete and we are continually adding to and updating this map base; call for current coverage.
Pricing for our parcel map base is $7.00 per sq. ft. Let us know your north, south, east and west boundaries, desired scale (if you have one in mind), and approximately how large you want your map to be and we’ll work out the rest and send you a proof. Just call 1-206-448-6277 or email us with your specifics and questions.

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