Kroll Atlases were published for areas in western King County, Southwest Snohomish, Olympia-Lacey, Bellingham, Tri-Cities, Wenatchee, Yakima, and Bremerton.

Kroll continues to provide copies of our historical plat books (and individual pages) in a number of different forms: 1″=200′ scale atlases, reduced 11″ x 17″ atlases, PDF documents, and geo-referenced images for use in GIS and CAD.  These atlas pages were retired in approximately 2004, and we have available various versions of these maps for some areas, dating back to 1912.

Kroll’s parcel-level atlas pages can be viewed in PDF format below. (The atlases may take a few moments to download.) To order prints, please call or email us for pricing.

Kroll 1″=200′ Atlases

Kroll Atlas of Seattle circa 1912 to 1920

Kroll Atlas of Seattle circa 1930 to mid 1940s

Kroll Atlas of Seattle circa late 1940s to early 1960s

Kroll North End Atlas, 200 Series- circa 1940 to 1950

Kroll South End Atlas, 300 Series- circa 1940 to 1950

Kroll Eastside Atlas, 400 Series- circa 1940 to 1950

Kroll Sammamish Atlas, 500 Series- circa 1950s

Kroll SW Snohomish County Atlas, 100 Series- circa 1952 to 1955

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Dating Kroll Atlases

Since the time that Carl Kroll published the first Atlas of Seattle in 1912, twenty of the
1”=200’ plat books were published in nine Washington State Counties.
Until the mid 1990s, the maps were drawn on linen tracings and updated with research
based on the acquisition of official records, aerial photographs (after 1960), and field
checks. Updates using official records – generally plat surveys- allowed us to update the
maps once or twice a year with new platted lots and streets. Updates from records that
listed the owner’s name and perhaps the parcel number were performed on a less regular
Revisions that involved field checks (on foot) that included the address and business name
(if any) were done on a very irregular basis, often times the result of demand or isolated
real estate activity. The cost of field work for a small company like Kroll, and the rather
limited use for such specialized maps, dictated an infrequent schedule of such labor and
time intensive updates.
Consequently, virtually all of the Kroll Plat Atlas (also known as the 1”= 200’ series) represent a
series of revision dates that took place over the course of years and decades. For example,
a Kroll Atlas that has a publication date of 1984 could include plats, short plats,
condominiums, corporate limits that are current to that specific year, while information
regarding structures, addressing, business names (all based on visual field check) could be
20 years old.
Limitations of cost, demand, and employees forced us to strike an equilibrium of updates
that provided useful parcel mapping to thousands of users for many decades. The
mechanics of dating each map, considering that only some of the elements were updated
and all the information, was not practical.

Please contact us any time if you have questions regarding the historical mapping
publications of the Kroll Map Company.

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