We create custom maps to bring your reports and book ideas come to life! Book maps help readers understand exactly what you want to tell them. We’ve made tourist guides, maps for biographies and memoirs, maps for research projects and reports, history book maps, maps for websites, and even route maps for charity fundraising runs and children’s museums. You can trust that we have the mapping experience to create beautiful, effective maps on time and on budget. Here’s a gallery of a few examples:

Maps for Publications and Reports

Some maps created for various reports for the African Development Bank

Maps and graphics created for the Washington State Film Office website, Pacific Investments reports, and Let’s Tour Seattle touring company brochure

Maps for History Books

Maps created for Edward Young’s books The Tenth Air Force in World War II and Death From Above, the Seventh Bombardment Group

Maps for Military Record Books

These maps were created for the book A Sound Defense, Military Historical Sites of Puget Sound written by retired Lt. Col. Nancy McDaniel.

Map for Biographies and Novels

These maps were created for The Last of the Blacksmiths, a biographical novel written by Claire Gebben.

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